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BPSSA Cross Country Carnival

10 Jun 2022

Cross country

Kabang! The starting gun went off. All the 10 year old girls were running just to be first except me. I was told not to waste my energy at the start.

The first 100m was going good until my throat felt weird. It was starting to hurt, starting to throb. At that moment I realised what was causing this feeling. I was only breathing through my mouth. I tried to breathe through my nose but it just ended up being a sniffle.

I dealt with it but next my right shoulder starting hurting like I'd been swinging it around everywhere. I saw my dad and he said I was 8th!

It was close to the finish line. I was sprinting as fast as I could but gusts of wind blew me back and slowed me down. When I made it to the finish, Ms Cunniffe gave me a card that said the number '7'. I was proud but disappointed as my dad told me it was the top 6 that would qualify for regionals. I hope I can make it next year.

- Sophia, Lime (Year 4)