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Parent Testimonials

Testimonials from parents, carers and community members

"We hold Fort Street Public School in the highest regard and consider it a second home for our children. The dedication and commitment of the staff have had a profound impact on [our children's] development, and we are grateful beyond words for that. A huge thank you to [their teachers]. They have had an astounding impact on their confidence and determination."

- Years 2 & 5 Parent

"I just wanted to say thank you for the invitation to celebrate Education Week. The power of FSPS yesterday was in the immersion into student learning. The coding and Makey Makey learning demonstrated the students' ability to problem solve, fail, apply grit and laugh which is never captured in a curated display of final products. In saying this, the self-portraits also gave me great joy."

- Year 3 Parent

"FSPS is one of the sweetest memories of [my child's] childhood where he has learned to love, share and care. All the kindness and love from teachers have set up such a great role model to him on how to demonstrate a generous life full of passion and compassion."

- Year 1 Parent

"Thank you for all your support, guidance and encouragement you give us each and every day to grow, learn and become the best versions of ourselves we can be. We are grateful for your service and all you do for us!"

- Years 2 & K siblings

"I thought I would drop you a note to let you know how being part of the leadership team at Fort Street and in particular School Captain, has enabled [my child] to make great progress at high school. He is now on the high school's general leadership team... is one of only 8 that are part of the school's executive leadership team... is one of only 3 invited to attend a multi-school leaders' afternoon and is part of the MC team for the open night. So he is taking his leadership experience from Fort Street and showing his high school what Fort Street kids can do!"

- Year 6 Parent

"I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to all of the Fort Street staff for their commitment to producing such a high-quality and entertaining concert. As a fellow educator, I know that these events don't simply happen, but rather morph over multiple meetings, a myriad of rehearsals, weekend work, lots of robust problem solving and more often than not sleepless nights! 'I Used to Rule the World' was clever, playful and empowered all students to shine and no doubt you witnessed huge growth in all learners throughout the process."

- Kindergarten Parent

"I would like to let you know just how much [my child] has thrived in her learning with the support and guidance of her teacher. Her joy for learning and appreciation for all of the activities and experiences has been so affirming for her and us. She absolutely loves school and her teacher has really been an integral part of her sense of belonging at Fort Street and growth in confidence."

- Kindergarten Parent

"Thanks so much for all your love and kindness to [my child] through the year. We still remember the first day of his Kindy, the Halloween disco and the school concert, etc. He has enjoyed so much of his Kindy life. The family are so surprised to see how joyful, happy and confident he is now, who is transformed from such a shy boy. Thank you so much for all the hard work, great effort and love you all have devoted to the students"

- Year 1 Parent

"I just want to express what all the parents watching the school performances were/are feeling: great pride in our kids and your beautiful school and staff! The school performances went above all expectations - production, performances, costumes, music, dancing - the whole lot. CONGRATULATIONS again for organising such an amazing event, you should feel very proud."

- Kindergarten Parent

"I would like to offer a few words of appreciation to you and to the team for three great years at Fort Street Public School. We have now returned to Bangkok and are already pondering the greatest moments we had in Australia, and "Fort Street life" repeatedly comes on top! Thanks again for contributing to this unique slice of our Australian experience, that we will always remember."

- Prior Year 6 Parent

"My son learned a lot in your good school, he barely spoke several English words when he joined the school, and now he can speak, read and write in English. He made a lot of good friends and had a really good time here. We as a family will always keep your kindness in our hearts."

- Year 1 Parent

"We sincerely thank everyone at Fort Street for all the attention, help and support that [our children] have received during their attendance at the school. It has been a most valuable and unforgettable learning and cultural experience for both boys. We especially appreciate the multiculturality and kindness of the close-knit parent-teacher community at the school." 

- Year 2 & Year 6 Parent