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Sharing Memories with Our Community

Visitors sharing memories with Year 1 and 2

This term in History, students are delving into the disparities and resemblances between their daily routines and those of their parent's and grandparent's childhoods. This exploration encompasses various aspects such as family customs, recreational activities, and methods of communication.

Recently, we welcomed two guests, John and Margaret, to the Years 1 and 2 Learning Hub. They kindly shared insights into the evolution of their lifestyles throughout the years, showcasing tangible examples of past living. The students were captivated by the vintage photographs and John's meticulously curated collection of old car cards, each tucked lovingly into a folder. Engaging in discussions about the bygone eras, they marveled at the contrasting modes of transportation utilised for school commutes, very different from contemporary means of travel.

The school looks forward to future visits, as we hope to foster a connection between our students and the broader community.