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Public Speaking Competition

Public speaking students with certificates

Fort Street Public School representatives flexed their muscles of persuasion at the 2023 School Performance South Primary Schools (SPSPS) Public Speaking Competition's local final at Wilkins Public School this week. Felicity (Cobalt) spoke confidently about rabbits being the best pet, while Koryna (Lavender) convinced us with her memorised speech that yellow is the best colour. Mia (Indigo) spoke enthusiastically about the importance of sleep with personal examples and Sophia L (Amber) persuaded the audience with effective gestures that soft plastics were extremely harmful to our planet.

The impromptu speeches were about 'Ice Cream (ES1)', 'Worst Fears' (Stage 1), 'Another Brick in the Wall' (Stage 2) and 'Lost Opportunities' (Stage 3). The adjudicators took an extra long time to decide on winners so it must have been a close competition! Outstanding effort, presentation and of course, preparation by all our FSPS representatives.

Well done speakers and thank you parents and carers for your support during this competition.