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End of Year Concert - Atlantis

Atlantis End of Year Concert unicorns

Fort Street Public School's end of year concert Atlantis showcased not only the many talents we have in our midst, but also how much joy the students derive from performing in front of loved ones and dressing up in costume. 

Kindergarten to Year 6 performed by class group to tracks spanning the decades in spectacular costumes made by staff and our amazing community. 

Following the spectacular dance performances,  Lavender class learned how to write a haiku poem, which is a type of poetry from Japan. Their challenge was to ensure there were five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third line.

Haiku by Lavender girls

We did Bollywood
We felt a bit embarrassed
Our crop top costumes 

Haiku by Lavender boys

We did Bollywood
We were practising for weeks
I was cool on stage 

Thank you to both the staff and students, whether in the spotlight or working backstage, for dedicating your time and effort to create such a spectacular evening.